Moore & Associates, Inc. is a full service research firm offering a
complete array of qualitative and quantitative research services.

Qualitative research is an excellent way for clients to explore breaking issues, test new product and communication concepts, and generally get ideas in uncharted market territory. Focus groups and individual depth interviews are important qualitative tools.

Quantitative research enables clients to assess the behavior of the market-at-large in terms of how many feel or will act in a given way.  We believe that design: choice of sample, choice of method, and construction of the questionnaire, is the critical factor in effective quantitative research.

  • Research design
  • Mail, telephone, and face-to-face interviewing
  • Mystery shopper studies
  • Focus groups
  • Individual depth interviews
  • Statistical analysis
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Instrument construction and validation
  • Program evaluation
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Reporting to management and other audiences