Moore & Associates, Inc. offers a full complement
of education research, program evaluation,
and general education services.

Program evaluation is an excellent way for clients to obtain useful information about program effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses, and constituency perceptions. A thorough understanding of  various  evaluation  models, data  collection and analysis methods, and reporting options are essential to conducting quality evaluations.

Research services enable clients to assess the behavior and perceptions of various constituencies. District image surveys, millage polling, feedback from various groups via face-to-face interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, and questionnaires are examples of the types of tools utilized in education research.

General education services provide an opportunity to assist clients in assessing curriculum development and impact, school improve-ment, restructuring, strategic planning, compliance with state and federal reporting re­quirements, and project man­agement. An extensive knowl­edge of education systems and planning are critical factors in providing effective general education services.

  • Research design

  • Program evaluation

  • Statistical analysis

  • Instrument construction and validation

  • Mail, telephone, face-to-face, and focus group interviewing

  • Data processing and analysis

  • Image surveys, millage polling

  • Staff surveys, job satisfaction surveys

  • Evaluate curriculum impact

  • School improvement and restructuring support

  • Research to support strategic planning

  • Evaluation in compliance with grants

  • Reporting to administration, board, and other audiences